When the Wax Melts


We use containers for all sorts of things—for our drip coffee, fig spreads, and the candles that fill the spaces we curate. The scents that fill a space say a lot about our identity, but the style of the vessels these scents live in.

That’s why this year we are taking a special interest in the design of our vessels. We’ll be commissioning a variety of designs from artisans around the country. Some scents will be completely new, and others will be current best sellers with a makeover.


Today we release the first of many vessels. Islewood is a brand new WAX BBY scent inside a hand-crafted vessel designed by Esther Li, a graphic designer from 9–5 and ceramicist 6–12.

Islewood makes its debut in a stout clay pot with black hand painted glaze leaves on the exterior. Its craftsmanship not only makes it ideal to hold a scent as enveloping as Islewood, but also an elemental decor piece.

The inside of the container is glazed so that you can use it for a variety of things when you’ve burned through your WAX BBY (some ideas in our next post).

Inside you’ll find a scent inspired by Esther herself —a northeast native with a strong connection scent of crisp fir forests along the breezy New England Coast.

You can shop Islewood on our site here.

*If you are interested in crafting a WAX BBY vessel please send us a line here.