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Notes—Anise, Sandalwood, Fir
Made with 100% American-grown soy, wooden wick

December 01, 2007: I'm warm in the tractor, wrapped in a tattered wool Pendleton watching the burly woodsman who smells like musk load my tree into the back. It’s December in the north woods of New England and the air smells like fresh cut fir trees. Once he's done, I'll hand him a warm mug of mulled wine and he'll smile. His hands will feel like sandpaper where our palms touch.



Notes—Saffron, Embers, Cedar, Revenge
Made with 100% American-grown soy, wooden wick

November 2015: I’m not a crying and ice cream kind of girl. I like my nights by the campfire and my ex’s belongings as kindling. I’m not looking for closure, but retribution.


On the lam

Notes—Birch, Tallgrass, Moss, Broken Curfews
Made with 100% American-grown soy, cotton wick

Early Fall 2010: Jake burst into hysterical laughter when the sun crested over the horizon. “How’d we manage to stay out all night?” He kissed me goodbye, fingertips lingering on my wrist before we parted. I ran back home through the wet morning grass with my flip-flops in my hands wishing the sun would never rise.


Queen of kings

Notes—Frankincense, Hydrangea, Nostalgia
Made with 100% American-grown soy, cotton wick

Easter 1998: There are walls of clothing as high as I can see. Muted pastels and face poufs and those drawers and drawers of opaque skin-tone Sunday pantyhose. The dress grandma lets me try on buttons all the way up my back and I hear her arthritic knuckles cracking on every snap. As she powders my face and brushes rouge across my cheekbones, I think that this is the memory I’ll carry of her for the rest of my days.



Notes—Rose, Lavender, Violet, Desire
Made with 100% American-grown soy, cotton wick

May 2012: His eyes darkened when I downed the drink he bought me in two long swallows, like he couldn’t decide if he was surprised or turned on. But I know why I came out tonight, and it was for something exactly like this.


midsummer dream

Notes—Patchouli, White Tea, Bergamot, Pleasure
Made with 100% American-grown soy, cotton wick

February 2016: I’m the most important person in my life, so I’m going to invest in myself. I put in the work, so this early morning trip to the gym and this late night glass of wine and episode of feel-good tv is all for me, and I’m not going to apologize for that.


Sticks and Stones

Notes—Spruce, Moss, Cedar, An Exhale
Made with 100% American-grown soy, cotton wick

November 9, 2016: I called out sick as soon as I woke up, zipped a hoodie over my t-shirt and pulled my laces tight. Outside, in the still air of the forest, everything felt calm. So he’d won in this moment. I had my dignity, well-earned peace, and—I allowed the smallest smile—three million more in the popular vote.


Until Awhile

Notes—Coconut, Driftwood, Intrigue
Made with 100% American-grown soy, cotton wick

August 2017: It was 96 degrees in Santorini, but there was something about this country that made me look radiant instead of sweaty when I made eye contact with Eterio at the bar across the way. Our romance was whirlwind, lust, and 98% Google Translate. The t-shirt I wore on the trip still smells like him, and I can’t bear to wash it.